Cum Play With Me

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While they wait for Juan Loco’s stepsister, Liz Jordan, to get dressed for their New Year’s celebration, Paige Owens and Juan Loco are engaged in a word game. Juan grouses that Liz is taking too long, while Paige merely uses the situation to spell out several offensive phrases. Paige tries to give Juan a hint, but he doesn’t take it, so ultimately she practically says it out loud: Liz has a huge crush on him and wants to fuck him. Liz enters the scene wearing a do me dress while Juan is still processing it. She follows through on Paige’s suggestion by warning Juan that she will be mistreated tonight, whether it is by him or a partygoer. Juan responds by writing out the word “huge dick.” Paige and Liz are adamant about going themselves.

The girls push Juan onto the couch and then ooh and ahh over how enormous his stiffie actually is in between slurps as they suck him down. Paige supports her closest friend, Liz, who undoubtedly takes the initiative, but both ladies receive some major suck. Paige assists her BFF in climbing onto Juan’s lap and sliding down till she is totally impaled as Liz raises up her scandalously short skirt. Paige contributes to increasing Liz’s enjoyment by sucking and rubbing her BBF’s nipples.

When Liz climbs off Juan’s nice D, Paige licks it clean and then climbs aboard for a stiffie ride of her own. She gets down on her hands and knees next so that Juan can give it to her from behind. As Liz moans in delight, Paige arranges herself so that Liz can muffle her moans in Paige’s snatch. The girls switch it up so that Liz can enjoy Juan’s hardon yet again. Paige climbs up to ride Liz’s lips so her pal may tongue-fuck her after making sure Liz is having fun. When Paige is satisfied, Juan reaches his popping point and Paige lowers to cradle Liz’s shoulders. Juan ends their trio by pulling away and going crazy all over Liz’s trimmed muff.

Pornstar: Liz JordanPaige Owens

Release Date: Dec 24, 2021


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