Step Sisters Valentines Cookie

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Jane Rogers and her friend Ashley Lane are baking Valentine’s Day cookies, with lots of light flirtation thrown in for good measure. When Jane’s stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, joins them in the kitchen just to make fun of them, the ladies throw him out and plan to retaliate. They strip down until they’re only wearing their aprons, then call Tyler back into the kitchen. They inform Tyler that he is not permitted to eat any cookies, and he refuses.

Tyler is annoyed because the females are telling him what he can and cannot do, so he snatches a cookie and flees. Tyler’s pants are pulled down by the females to slow him down, but he escapes. Jane pursues him all the way to the couch, where she tackles him to reclaim the cookie. Tyler glides straight into that juicy twat when Jane leans back. Jane freaks out a little, but she enjoys Tyler’s fuck stick since it’s nice and thick. Ashley is so enthralled by Jane and her stepbrother’s boning up that she insists on joining in. Jane has quickly disembarked from the D in order to enjoy a blowjob with Ashley.

As she and Jane make out, Ashley gets to experience Tyler’s firm dick in doggy. Jane eventually goes down on her knees in front of Ashley’s face, allowing her buddy to devour her alive. Jane then lays onto her back, Tyler hammering on her cream-filled fuck hole as Ashley rides on her face. Ashley takes a turn on her back, with Jane on top of her, presenting Tyler with a double pussy stack to continue hammering. When the girls are pleased that Tyler has earned his cookie, they get on their bellies for one more mutual BJ before Tyler pops into their mouths with a goodie to share.

Pornstar: Ashley LaneJane Rogers

Release Date: Feb 5, 2021



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