Between My Step Sister And I

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Tony walks into Alex Grey’s room just as she’s telling her lover that her parents are both gone for the weekend and she’ll have to sneak him in. He notices her pulling out her titties to send obscene pictures and takes advantage of the occasion to take some pictures of his own. Then he makes his presence known and informs his sister that he is aware of her activities. Alex attempts to play the victim, but Tony makes it apparent that he is the boss. Alex acknowledges that she owes Tony one, so he proceeds to mess things up.

He has Alex show him her tits first. As he asks Alex to show him her ass, her perky little jugs are the ideal appetizer. When Alex attempts to end it, Tony says he’s difficult and that Alex shouldn’t leave him hanging. He offers her the chance to live out her fantasy with his massive dick in her mouth when she says she’s considered sucking him off once or twice before.

Before mounting his fuck stick and sliding down for a cowgirl ride, Alex gargles Tony’s balls and sucks him into a deep throat. Alex spreads her ass cheeks so Tony can appreciate her chocolate starfish as her hairless pussy engulfs him as she turns around for some reverse cowgirl action. As she turns onto her back, she lets him have control, but she’s soon on her knees, ready to receive a doggy-style pussy pounding while her stepbro’s hands wander her ass. Alex seals the deal by suckling her brother till he pops into her mouth and gives her a tasty treat to swallow.

Pornstar: Alex Grey

Release Date: May 24, 2019


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