Sex Crazed Step Sister

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Logan Long can’t help but pull out his stiff dick and start stroking it as he walks in on his stepsister Jessica Rex in the shower cleaning her tits and ass. Logan wonders if Jessica is worth it when she is a bitch to him in the kitchen, but when he sees her changing into her cheer uniform the next morning, he knows he can’t stay away. When his stepsister learns he’s observing her, he’s busy masturbating to her once more. Jessica is initially freaked out, but as she sees how large Logan’s dick is, she has second thoughts.

Jessica gets down on her knees and begins stroking Logan away. She tastes his hardon and decides she wants to know what it’s like to get fucked by a large one. Logan pounds her from behind as she climbs onto her bed and holds herself on her hands and knees with her uniform miniskirt pushed up past her ass. Jessica spins around, hooked on her stepbrother’s stiffie, to give him a blowjob and persuade him to keep banging her.

Jessica’s next task is to give Logan a stiffie ride in her fuck hole at the landing strip. She faces him at first so he can see her tits bounce, but she finally turns around for some reverse cowgirl action. He enjoys watching Jessica’s booty bounce, especially because he knows his fuck stick will get her off. Logan doesn’t even try to pull away before filling her juicy twat with a creampie of stepbrotherly love when he takes her for another round of fun on her back.

Pornstar: Jessica Rex

Release: Feb 23, 2018


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