Tricked By My Stepsister

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Anya Olsen enters the kitchen to see her stepbrother Tony reading the Bible as part of his regular habit. Anya grabs the book and starts ranting about how her boyfriend might be considering breaking up with her. He doesn’t believe she’s attractive, so she must be a prude in his eyes. She wants her stepbro to be her fuck partner so she can improve in bed. Anya threatens to tell their parents they are fucking if Tony doesn’t assist her.

Tony puts up a fight, but Anya is adamant about getting what she wants. To get him to touch her, she takes her titties out from under her blouse. Anya turns around and pulls her shorts down after trying unsuccessfully to rub her nipples to hard peaks in front of her stepbrother. Tony obviously gets a kick out of seeing his stepsister’s ass in a thong. Anya just needs his consent to touch her since he can’t help himself. Anya knelt down, popped Tony’s hardon out of his pants, and started sucking him off with her filthy mouth.

They take their group to the bedroom, where Anya performs that wonderful suck once more before boarding the horse for a cowgirl ride. The view from behind as the cum-craving coed spins around for a reverse cowgirl spectacular that includes spankings is the only thing hotter than her riding Tony’s cock in cowgirl mode. Anya climbs onto her back so Tony can piston into her from above while sucking her own goo from his hardon. Anya flips over so Tony can fuck her in doggie and give another series of spankings, relishing that enormous D. She blows Tony one last time to end their exchange, and he gives her some cum to swallow as a treat.

Pornstar: Anya Olsen

Release Date: Sep 16, 2022


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