Spying On My Sister

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Logan Long is looking forward to receiving his x-ray glasses. He puts them to the test on his stepsister Alexa Grace, and is pleasantly surprised to discover that they work: He can see Alexa’s bare tits and underwear through her clothes. He keeps creeping on Alexa as he sees how great the x-ray specs are, so he can appreciate her lovely figure and large ass. He immediately discovers that Alexa doesn’t always wear a bra, and that she also goes commando on occasion.

Alexa eventually tires of Logan’s weird stares and takes the glasses from him. She puts them on and notices that Logan is seeing her naked every time he puts them on. However, she gets a glimpse of his enormous dick and can’t get it out of her head. Alexa agrees with Logan’s notion that they can just fuck without telling either of their parents. Logan’s massive dick is soon buried in her mouth, and she’s on her knees.

Alexa spreads her thighs on the couch, allowing Logan to dig balls deep into her creamy bare pussy. Alexa comes to a massive O as Logan pounds her fuck hole as she reaches down to rub her clit. Then she crawls down on her hands and knees and repeats the process in a doggy manner until the room is filled with her orgasmic groans. Logan pulls out and covers Alexa’s ass in jizz in response to Alexa’s requests to cum on her.

Pornstar: Alexa Grace

Release Date: Jun 8, 2018


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