So Wrong Its Right

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Tiffany Watson insists on using the restroom with her stepbrother Tyler Nixon. Tiffany is arguing with Tyler when his towel falls, revealing Tyler’s dick in full view. She’s taken aback by his size and can’t help but drop to her knees and stroke him away. She leans forward and presses her lips to the tip in an open mouth kiss that transforms into a lusty deep throat blowjob. She won’t stop sucking him off until he falls into her mouth and she can swallow every last drop.

Tiffany wants more of her stepbrother now that she’s had a taste of him. When she finds Tyler still in bed the next morning, she sneaks into his room and crawls on top of him. He initially resists her advances, but once Tiffany removes her thong, he can’t stop her from whipping out his stiffie and riding him with long, slow strokes. Tiffany frees her boobs and speeds up her thrusts as Tyler gets more into it. She is on the verge of seeing stars when they are interrupted by their father.

Tiffany isn’t about to let Tyler go without making her cum, so she approaches him in the kitchen and begins twerking to get him hard. Tyler can’t help but lean forward over the counter when she pulls her shorts down, so he can feast on her bare twat. He gets to his feet and slams into her from behind, then pushes her up onto the counter, hoping that his pussy pounding will push her over the edge. Tiffany finally turns around and tilts her head back, giving her stepbrother one last blowjob, resulting in him spilling his jizz all over her face.

Pornstar: Tiffany Watson

Release Date: Jul 7, 2017

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