Bratty Cousins

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Andi Rye and April Snow can’t even stay together long enough to take yoga. April’s stepfather Damon Dice walks in to see what all the excitement is about as they quarrel over the yoga mat. Damon takes Andi’s side in the dispute, but after April walks away disgusted, he spanks her little bottom over his knee. Andi is completely turned on by Damon’s palm hitting her ass, and before Damon realizes it, she has whipped out his hardon to suck and stroke. Damon pushes Andi’s tiny shorts aside and rams into her landing strip fuck hole till he gives her a climax and a creampie, all at Andi’s request.

April confronts her stepfather about his romp with Andi later that night. She exposes her boobs in an attempt to entice Damon to fall in love with her as well, and then massages his dick. She starts sucking him off in a deep throat BJ if he doesn’t stop her. She gets down on her hands and knees and presents Damon with her meaty twat. He can’t stop himself from peeling off her underwear and fucking her from behind.

Andi comes in to check what’s up because April and Damon are making such a racket. She insists on joining in when she finds Damon banging his stepdaughter. Damon is about to have a double blowjob. The girls then lay next to each other so he can enjoy fingering and fucking both of their tight twats. They then drop down on their knees, allowing him to pound them from behind. Damon pulls out of Andi’s snatch just in time to give April the facial she desires when he finally cums.

Pornstar: Andi Rye, April Snow

Release Date: Sep 29, 2017



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