Measure Up

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Ms Faris has been called over for a study session by Lily Adams and her stepbrother Bambino. Lily soon gets Ms Faris to start speaking about her love life since the girls are bored with their work. Lily goes on the attack regarding the size of Bambino’s dick since Bambino isn’t interested in hearing about his sister and her buddy talking about their tight small pussies and large cocks. Bambino eventually pulls it out to show it’s not a toy.

Ms Faris is blown away by Bambino’s dick, but Lily refuses to give in. Ms Faris joins Lily on her knees and starts sucking to prove it’s not too huge to fit in her mouth, and Lily goes on her knees and starts sucking as well. Ms Faris takes down her shorts so Bambino may give it to her once the females have finished deep throating him. While Lily watches and licks her friend’s titties, he fucks her from behind. Lily decides to give Bambino a test drive after seeing how well it works for Ms Faris.

Lily only needs a smidgeon of her stepbrother’s ostensibly little cock to realize she’s hooked. Ms Faris and she alternate riding him, alternating who gets Bambino’s face and mouth. They go on their knees together after they’ve had enough and go back to sucking and caressing Bambino’s fuck stick. Even though she still swears his dick is little, Lily has to admit that she’s very into Bambino’s enormous juicy load when he gives them a double facial.

Pornstar: Lily AdamsMs Faris

Release Date: Jun 21, 2019


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