Step Sisters School Uniform

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Rion King is minding his own thing while playing video games when Kyler Quinn, his stepsister, comes on his door. Kyler is attempting to woo her stepbrother, so she has dressed up in her school uniform and has come to him to seek for his aid in making it sexier. Despite Kyler’s overt request and equally overt flirting attempts, Rion maintains that he shouldn’t be doing something like that with his stepsister. Kyler departs, but her willpower only rises. She spends some time making her uniform sexier on her own, then returns to Rion’s chamber to view the fruits of her labors.

Rion is swept away by his sultry stepsister and has no desire to fight her advances. Rion can’t keep his gaze away from Kyler’s pussy as she puts one high heel on his bed and raises her shorter miniskirt to show off her underwear. Kyler slams Rion to the ground, and when he doesn’t fight back, she gets on top of him, pressing her hands to her chest and her bottom to his hardon. Kyler unbuttons her shirt and pushes her tits out of their bra so Rion can see the goods as she kisses her way down his body to start blowing him. Kyler primes her stepbrother into a good hard woody by sucking Rion’s balls then licking and sucking her way up and down the shaft. She scoots backwards and throws away her underpants so she may tease him with her wet twat before sliding into his fuck stick.

Rion can’t take it anymore when he sees his stepsister riding his hardon. He persuades Kyler to turn around so he may palm and spank her as she continues to party. Then he assists Kyler into getting down on her hands and knees so he can give her the harsh pussy beating that they both crave. Kyler is thoroughly enjoying herself as she rocks back to meet each of Rion’s strokes. She rolls over and urges Rion to keep hitting her with his fists while she begs him to stop. He does as he’s told, only to pull away and splatter all over Kyler’s spectacles in a facial that is all Kyler has wished for.

Pornstar: Kyler Quinn

Release Date: Aug 13, 2021


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